This is a selection of white truffles between 10 and 18 grams in diameter.

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(tuber magnatum pico)

season: September - December

The white truffle is ochre yellow in color, the smooth and delicate surface hides inside the gleba tending to light brown with numerous white veins.

Recommended uses

The refined flavor of the white truffle blends harmoniously with all the dishes with a delicate flavor that allow it to enhance its flavor. The most common and popular dishes are pasta, risotto and eggs.

In today's culinary world creativity with truffles is at the highest level, with pairings found in sushi, ramen, steaks and even desserts.


To ensure the best result of your truffle dish it is essential to take care of it! We recommend storing truffles wrapped in absorbent paper in a sealed container placed in the vegetable area of the refrigerator. Every day open the jar in order to "breathe" the truffle and change the absorbent paper to keep them dry.

Despite these precautions it is advisable to consume your white truffle as soon as possible and in any case within 3/4 days, in order to preserve its fragrance.


It is recommended to wash the truffle under cold running water with the help of a soft bristle brush and dry it with absorbent paper before use.

The white truffle is particularly affected by heat changes, so it is preferable to slice it directly over the dishes or in any case add it in the pan towards the end of the preparation of any sauces in order to expose it for a limited time to direct heat.

It is advisable to use a truffle slicer to cut it into very thin slices to embellish your dishes.

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